Учеба в Канаде: Отзыв о Планета Студент

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Sergey and his company for their support on my admission to Humber College. Sergey was extremely supportive by provision all required information and documents which helps me a lot for understood the process, and moreover to collect all necessary information from my side and as a result it helps me to be admitted timely.

Moreover, he provides me very clear and useful instructions and recommendations when I faced slight difficulties in a process, and he did it always in timely manner; It’s obvious, that he has a very great experience and excellent communication skills, which is indeed impacted on a process of my admission, as it passed very smoothly and successfully; Even, after I passed admission process, he continued to instruct me how I can reach Canada and helps me to solve my problems with accommodation. Thank you.

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